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Escort in Bombo Substitutes for Tinder Fungus Photo by Robert A. BlanchetteThere is much said about ideal tinder and a much touted one is amadou. Amadou is the fluffy feltlike material obtained from a woody shelf fungus or conk more specifically from tinder fungus Fomes fomentarius. This stuff is capable of catching the spark from steel or marcasite without the need for charring. Amadou has obtained the status of myth and I will admit to both my own amazement the first time I saw it used and to my disappointment that the conk from which it is made depends mostly on Birch as a host. Birch does not grow in California where I live. Since then I have been searching for a substitute for Fomes fomentarius closer to home. Why Amadou Effectiveness and HistoryThis tinder of backwoods fame is made from the conk commonly known as tinder fungus. Conk is the common term for most hard shelf fungi usually from the genus Ganoderma Fomitopsis or Phellinus. Amadou is the term for the sliced and processed conk and it has the feel of soft buckskin.To appreciate amadou one has to realize how difficult it can be to obtain really good tinder material in the wild. Im talking about tinder that will catch a spark without first being charred. Most flint and steel enthusiasts use charred punk wood charred cotton cloth or charred plant pith. Unless you carry some form of charcloth i

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Hot chat room apps AmadouAmadou is a spongy material derived from Fomes fomentarius fungi that grow on the bark of coniferous and angiosperm trees and have the appearance of a horses hoof thus the name horse fungus. It is also known as the tinder fungus and is useful for starting slowburning fires. The fungus must be removed from the tree the hard outer layer scraped off and then thin strips of the inner spongy layer cut for use as tinder.Amadou was a precious resource to ancient people allowing them to start a fire by catching sparks from flint struck against iron pyrites. Remarkable evidence for this is provided by the discovery of the 5000yearold remains of tzi the Iceman who carried it on a crossalpine excursion before his death and subsequent iceentombment.1 Amadou has great waterabsorbing abilities. It is used in fly fishing for drying out dry flies that have become wet.

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